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Good fish need good food - Great fish need Dainichi Fish Food!

These exciting features are also found in our Cichlid, Marine, Goldfish and Tropical food lines!

  • All natural, meticulously refined ingredients
  • Montmorillonite clay for maximum digestion
  • Beta glucan to support the immune system
  • Fortified with a revolutionary nutritional coating after the cooking phase to maximize potency

Centuries of experience have taught the great breeders of Japan that the key to producing the magnificent koi all enthusiasts dream of collecting is the synergistic effect of good water quality, select bloodlines and nutritious food. Koi need a finely tuned diet to maximize their health and beauty. At Dainichi, we believe that only by utilizing the finest ingredients and careful preparation, can the potential of your koi be realized. Just as you are what you eat, your fish are what you feed them! Created using the recipe of Minoru Mano of Dainichi Yorijo and Inochi Inc.'s research and technology, Dainichi Fish Food provides breeders and collectors worldwide with a superior quality food. Manufactured to his exacting specifications, our koi food enabled Manosan to produce more grand champions than all other koi breeders in the world, combined.

We are confident that Dainichi Koi Food is the best food you can feed your koi and we’d like to tell you why. We use only the finest, all-natural, ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals or fillers that may cause negative side effects such as kidney disease, cancer and excess fat accumulation. Dainichi Fish Food meticulously refines all the high protein ingredients to ensure easy digestion and maximum assimilation. Because koi have no stomachs, your fish more completely digest their food, produce less solid and dissolved waste in the water—an added benefit! Many hobbyists also notice that when feeding their fish Dainichi Koi Food, they tend to eat less and put on more bulk muscle. We attribute this to the high percentage of fresh, high quality marine proteins and low ash content.

Made in the USA